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Isposure tests the real performance of your Internet connection and compares it against connections available from other ISPs nationally and locally.

Reports as shown by isposure

What you get

As an isposure user, you can access free, personalized reports on the isposure.com website from your Windows PC. (Sorry, we don't have a Mac compatible service yet). Compare the recent performance of your connection with the average performance of other local ISPs.

You may find that you could get a faster connection with another ISP. You may also find that you can get a lower cost connection with similar actual performance. Or for just a little more each month, you may be able to dramatically improve your service.

By registering some basic details about the area in which you live, isposure can show you reports comparing your connection to those of other users in your local area, city or region.

How does it work?

Simply download and install the isposure software agent from our website, and the software will perform a series of tests to measure the performance of you Internet connection. Once you have registered your details, you'll be able to view the results of these performance tests.

The isposure software will continue to run periodic, unobtrusive tests in the background, evaluating the access to your ISP's services and the download speed from a number of popular websites.

You are free to view the performance reports any time you like.

Who pays?

The ISP Industry pays.

isposure is provided free to you. We provide performance data to Epitiro Technologies - the independent Global Broadband Performance Authority and the developers of the isposure application. They in turn analyse the output and provide the resulting performance reports to Broadband ISPs who are prepared to pay for the information. This information is exclusively limited to performance data and does not, and will never, contain any private information about users.

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